Friday, September 18, 2009

I'm not sure what lured you into this blog post, but if you are "feeling lucky," well then so am I. I'm not a big believer of abiding by my horoscopes' every word but today (Sept. 17) was supposed to be a day to clear my schedule and not sign any documents. A day so horrible that it might last another 6 months. Yikes! I don't normally abide by these cautioning words, but I didn't want to add to any misfortune today either, so the only thing I booked is dinner with a friend and former co-worker. I made it home fine and nothing bad happened today,...phew! Except that I still cannot for the life of me post a treasury cleanly and within the right size proportion to this blog, so sorry. I am seeking help on that one. I was so excited that I was featured in this great treasury by MiaRosina ( about Good Luck. I think I need it and as she said , I'm sure we all do these days. As I was googling earlier, I also saw this article about a young yearling named Latigo Shore purchased by Malibu Moon, and I thought wow, this is quite the coincidence. I'm not a gambler, I don't know horses or breeding horses or racing (my Uncle Fred would have been a great consultant on this) but I was already feeling like I should put my money down on this pretty pony or at least buy a lottery ticket. What a gorgeous horse and hmm, interesting similarities on names. I feel a connection and after all it is Sept. 18 now, so the bad luck of the 17th should be gone by now, even though nothing happened, thank god! If anyone can decifer this link about the horse let me know if and when Latigo is running, because I will put my money on this yearling. Good luck to all and to all a good night.

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