Monday, August 17, 2009

Playing with the Screen Shot

So, I'm still working with my new adobe and resizing these screen shots. Click on the link if you want a larger view. Thanks to Slinkymalinkicat for including my Beachhouse Necklace in her sleek Treasury.


Thanks to Sarah for including my "Still Waters Run Deep" necklace in her "Tidal Wave" Treasury. I love the blues!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Showcase, Showdown and Craftgawker

Who knew there is a among the craft elite as opposed to the Hollywood elite. Its called and I guess I can get my photos posted there to compliment my Etsy site. I do have a Main Showcase and a "Just Jewels" showcase on Etsy, which happens to be down for maintenance at the moment (just my luck!) Here are the jewels to dream about in the meantime, a huge watery royal blue AAA Swiss Topaz necklace and a gorgeous Pink Amethyst Onion Briolette that will make you weep when you are near it. For anyone who thinks its odd that I capatilize my gemstones here, its because I think of them in terms of names and so its not very AP style but its how I branded my jewels for now. They are the stars here.