Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hello, Cowgirl in the Sand...

I did this treasury with the Neil Young song in mind as well as my memories at Malibu, when my neighbor would get on her horse and head up on the beach. Malibu was different when I was a kid, yes, I'm sure there are still people riding horses on the beach, but Malibu that I knew was more remote and unknown when I was a little girl. We had fond memories of our neighbors raising Bambi, an injured deer they took in and revived, that lived in their beachhouse. Bambi would sit in their house and watch tv with the family and eat grains out of yogurt cups. We have some great old home movies of Bambi prancing up and down the beach at Latigo, like a funloving dog of ours. Those days are long gone. Sadly. The place is different. So maybe thats why I fixated on the Cowgirl on the Sand theme. It rang true with me when I heard it as a youth in Catalina, it reminded me of Lonnie in Malibu on horseback, and then I just had this overwhelming sense of wishing California was still that magical, majestic place where you could still see people enjoying life on the beach, unbridled and free and when your property and freedoms were yours. The way California used to be. I was born in the wrong era perhaps.

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  1. You know, I can remember Malibu that way, too!!! I'm so glad I got to experience that little bit of the great Malibu from yesteryear - even if only for a short while, but it really was beautiful. I can only imagine what growing up surrounded by all of that must have been like. At least we have our memories, Liza, and all of your father's stories of growing up there :)